The Launch of Nashville Now…

This is my first blog, my first post, and the opening of a portal to explore, review, and rant about all things related to Country Music.  All are invited.  There are many things to debate, discuss, and to learn about the most rooted and important genre of music in my life, and doubtless the lives of many others:  Country Music.  We’re going to be all over the board.  From the legends to the up and comers, nothing is off limits.  We’ll explore it all.

I would like the give a quick thanks to my fiance’, who has kept telling me to go for it and write about music (who am I to tell her “no” – she said “yes” to that will you marry me question!!),and to the guys at Country Universe ( and at the 9513 ( for being the inspiration for me to undertake doing my own site.  I have enjoyed their blogs for years, and I hope that mine will be a compliment to the great work that they do.  As music is so encompassing, I know there’s plenty of room for all of us.

So strap yourself in, and let’s take it Country…


5 Responses to “The Launch of Nashville Now…”

  1. It looks great so far and your review of Gary Allan’s new album is really well done. I hope you the best with your new blog and will definitely visit a lot in the future! Kevin’s site was one of my inspirations for my own blog as well! and you can’t go wrong with the 9513 – they’re the best current country news site out there.

  2. Sweet! I found your blog through a comment you left on Kevin’s, so I figured I’d drop by and say congrats on getting this thing started. It seems like the community is growing larger every day. Anyways, thanks for the shout out and I’m glad we could be an inspiration.

  3. The website looks great!! I expected nothing less. Love the Gary Allen review too & I still have high hopes for Luke Bryan.
    Love you.

  4. Congratulations on the launch of a great new country blog. Thanks for the shout-out and welcome to the club!

  5. First time visiting Nashville this August. Any suggestions? Spending all my savings but I cannot imagine myself going through another year without walking down those streets.

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